Whether you are breastfeeding/bodyfeeding, bottle feeding, or combo feeding, we want to support you and your family. Nest & Nurture is happy to team up with up with two amazing Lactation Consultants to bring you classes, support groups, and home support. Erica McLeod, IBCLC from Tree Town Doulas and Jill Mailing from Integrative Lactation Care are both experienced providers that are passionate about helping families.

Bodyfeeding Classes

2 1/2 hour comprehensive group class for new parents enables us to take time to answer all your bodyfeeding questions and concerns.  Receiving preemptive education is the best way to avoid bodyfeeding complications, increase confidence and increase bodyfeeding success!  It can also be a fun way to meet other people who are due around the same time and learn from their questions.  Cost: $100

Email Hello@nestandnurture.org to register.

Infant Feeding Support Group

Our infant feeding support & playgroup meets every Tuesday morning from 10:00-11:30am. Come meet other parents of littles, try out our baby carrier library, enjoy a warm beverage, ask your feeding questions, or just hang out!

Several on-site parking spots are available, and street parking on Brooks Street is set to reopen this fall.

Free to attend! All feeding methods welcome: breast/chestfeeding, exclusively pumping, formula feeding, and combo feeding. Weighted feedings available by request. The group is geared towards parents of infants but toddlers are also welcome!

Email or text Jill with questions, or to be added to the email list for group updates: integrativelactationcare@gmail.com / 248.702.4531.

We are also actively working on an evening support group to accommodate working parents. If you would attend, please reach out to express your interest!